Shipping policy and delivery

Showroom Everon,, Sincerely thank customers for your confidence to choose to buy products and services provided by us.

In order to bring convenience, maximum cost savings for customers when shopping at the system Showroom, When buying at our system in addition to the opportunity to buy genuine products, Cheap…, Customers will have the opportunity to access the policy of super-speed shipping and maximum support costs as follows.

I. Free shipping:

1. In Hanoi city: Applicable for all products that customers buy at the website system: have the above invoice value 1 million dong.
Delivery time: At the request of the customer or maximum 12 hours.

2./ The provinces of Hà Tỉnh come out: Apply for quantity orders, big value.

II. Delivery time:

Maximum within 96 hours after ordering or according to salesperson information, in case of peak seasons or public holidays may be longer.

For more details, Please contact the following information:

Showroom to display and sell products blanket ga pillow Everon cushions
General distribution agent blanket ga pillow cushion Everon, Artemis, spring cushions Korean genuine cheap price in Hanoi and the Northern provinces.

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