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When using the service of everonvietnam.com, Customers will provide us with email address information, Passwords and personal information to get 1 website account. The use and security of account information is the responsibility and interests of the customer when using Everon. Besides, Other information in the account such as name, address, phone…. is the information the customer helps Everon best serve customers. In case the information provided by the customer is incomplete or false leading to the fact that we do not have sufficient basis for delivery to the customer., We reserve the right to suspend or refuse to serve, delivery without any liability to the customer. When there are changes to the customer's personal information, Please login to the system and then update information in your account at Everon. Customers must keep the password and account confidential, The customer is also solely responsible for all activities that occur through the use of his password or account.. The Client should make sure to exit the account at everonvietnam.com after each use to keep your information more secure.
Information security interests of customers
When using our services at the website everonvietnam.com, Customers are guaranteed that the personal information they provide us will only be used to improve the quality of customer care services. Everon and will not be transferred to 1 other third party for any purpose. Information of customers at Everon.com will be kept confidential by us and only where required by law, We have provided this information to legal authorities only.
Responsibilities of customers when using our services everonvietnam.com
Customer must not use any tools, Which method to intervene, illegally penetrating into the system or changing data structure at website everonvietnam.com. Customers must not take any incentives or intervention, data infiltration everonvietnam.com as well as our server system. Besides, Please notify the webmaster's everonvietnam.com as soon as the customer discovers the system error by phone number 024 35726168 or email info@everonvietnam.com.
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Responsibility and rights of everonvietnam.com
In the event of any unintended arising or our liability, everonvietnam.com will not be responsible for any loss incurred. Besides, We do not allow organizations, Other individuals promote the product at the website everonvietnam.com without our confirmation. Terms and Conditions General Policy and Regulations may change at any time but will be specifically announced on the website by us everonvietnam.com.
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