THE SET ARTEMIS ASM 20102 MODAL belongs to the collection 2020

Modal is the name of a textile product that uses the new Nano weaving technology, called environmental technology to get natural materials from Oak wood charcoal. When manufacturing, People crushed many times the above ingredients into extremely fine powder products, then spun into a weave, as input for textile and dyeing production.

Material Modal
CONCRETE White color
Product Size Price (VND)
The set blanket ga:
01 Blanket four Seasons 220*240
+ 01 Ga overlay / 1 Ga blanched
+ 04 Bark pillow 50*70
+ 02 Pillow case 50*50
+ 01 Hugging pillowcases 60*80/80*100
Ministry of gas cover 160*200 cm 17,430,000
Ministry of gas cover 180*200 cm 17,850,000
Gas blanching set 200*220 cm 17,180,000

7,180,000 VND