The blanket ga pillow cushion Chinese children's clothes and cloth toys can expose users to toxic chemicals that cause cancer, an Australian newspaper spread the news.

In a paper published by the Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) collect, a kind blanket Sheridan Indulgence brand imported from China, is widely available throughout Australia, Contains a higher proportion of formaldehyde 10 times allowed by international standards.

The Australian Wool Products Inspection Service says the formaldehyde content of this item is 2790 ppm (million).

Sheridan's representative confirmed that their product has been tested and so far no complaints from customers have been received..

Chinese manufacturers use this formaldehyde to soften it, anti-wrinkle and anti-shrinkage of artificial fibers used in sets bedding for bed, children's clothes and cloth toys. Since the year 2004, The World Health Organization lists formaldehyde as a chemical that is harmful to human health, Can be harmful to the skin and respiratory system even in very low levels as well as leukemia, lung cancer…

Earlier, the European Union's Consumer Protection Department warned that consumers in the world are losing faith in Chinese goods after the deaths of fake pharmaceuticals and pet food from the country. people and pets in Panama, America. Recently, Panama discovered again diethylene glycol, toxic chemicals, in Chinese toothpaste.

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