Warranty Policy

Showroom Everon Always want to bring customers satisfaction before and after the purchase with thoughtful customer care policies and dedicated services.. So, during product use, If you encounter any problems due to manufacturing errors, Customers can contact the warranty center of the company (Information on warranty card) or our Customer Care Center for help.

Working motto of the Service Center

Our warranty center with the motto of ceaseless efforts to improve and improve service quality will bring you satisfaction..

  • With a team of technical staff with years of experience in repair.
  • We always update the product's defects to technical staff to improve the level of expertise.
  • Service Center & Maintenance works according to a professional process from product reception to product warranty or maintenance steps
  • Our maintenance work always follows a professional process to ensure the product is repaired completely and quickly..
  • Products under the warranty of the company will be supported by us and transferred to the warranty company.

The working time of the warranty center is from 8am to 9pm on weekdays including Sundays.

Product regulations are warranted for free

Products are warranted free of charge when the following conditions are met:

- The product is in warranty period and registered for warranty.
- The warranty period is stated on the warranty card and according to the manufacturer's regulations for all technical problems..
- Product is damaged by manufacturer error.
- Must have warranty card and its warranty stamp on the product, delivery notes.
- The number of machines and stamps sealed on the product must be intact, No tearing or losing.
- Phone number on the product, The warranty card and the delivery note must be the same.

Product regulations are not warranted for free

- The product has passed the warranty period indicated on the ticket or lost the warranty card.
- Used incorrectly according to the instruction manual, use in contravention of the instructions on the product.
- The warranty seal is torn, broken, is overwritten or modified.
Warranty card does not specify product name and date of purchase.
- The product is damaged by external impacts such as torn by external forces, scratched, Fire, wet, or by fire, natural disaster, insects invade.
- Products show signs of repair before warranty or warranty service.

Warranty contact information: 024 35726168 or hotline: 089 856 6368

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